Someone Built a Giant Drug Catapult on the US-Mexico Border

When border agents swept the surrounding area, they found two bags of marijuana weighing in at just over 47 pounds.

by Lauren Messman
Feb 15 2017, 7:04pm

Foto via US Customs and Border Protection

Mexican drug traffickers have gotten pretty creative with their drug-smuggling schemes to move product up into the US. They've dressed marijuana up as fruits and vegetables, tried to shoot contraband across using air-powered potato guns, flown it over with drones, and even tried to drive a car full of drugs over the border fence. 

And now, apparently, they've constructed a giant catapult to launch weed over the border like some kind of Angry Birds spinoff game.

According to a press release from US Customs and Border Protection, agents in Douglas, Arizona, were patrolling along the US-Mexico border last week when they noticed a crowd of people on the other side start running away as they approached. As they got closer, the agents realized the crowd had been huddled around a large wooden catapult mounted on the southern side of the border fence. 

When the agents swept the surrounding area, they found two bags of marijuana that had allegedly been launched across the border, weighing in at just over 47 pounds. The agents subsequently seized the weed and dismantled the medieval-style catapult, handing it off to Mexican authorities for an investigation.

Even if Trump ends up building his "great wall," it's safe to say that drugs will manage to find a way over, under, and around it

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