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Lasers, Muppets, and FKA twigs: The 2015 YouTube Music Awards Are Here

Immerse yourself in new music videos from FKA twigs, Action Bronson, Charli XCX, Shamir, MAX, Migos, and more.

by The Creators Project
Mar 23 2015, 5:30pm

Shamir - Call It Off, Directed by Philip Hodges

If a dark room filled with laser holograms sounds like the future, that's because it is. The 2015 YouTube Music Awards are here, and Tarik Abdel-Gawad and Autofuss, the same people behind the award-winning robot projection-mapping shortBox, launched the spectacular event with a video that uses retro laser technology in a totally new way. Today, you can go behind the scenes of their film, and delve into something YouTube has never done before: dropped a collection of exclusive, new music videos from some of the biggest and emerging artists on YouTube, all at once.

The 2015 YouTube Music Awards runs the gamut of music video talent. Among the highlights: pop star Charli XCX teams up with Eric Warehim to create a nightmarish world-turned-video game scenario. Singer-songwriter Shamir becomes a puppet thanks to Philip Hodges and Henson Studios. MAX, who went from crafting video cover songs on YouTube to releasing his own albums in a few short years, collaborates with Greg Jardin and gets help from Hoodie Allen for a music video that reverses time. FKA twigs gives birth to eight dancers, who then challenge each other to an epic vogue dance battle. Mr. Wonderful himself, Action Bronson, gives us his take on cult classic Coming to America alongside Chance the Rapper, directed by Lil Chris. Even "Versace" stars Migos get in on the action, taking you inside a world of time tunnels with director Ninian Doff

Now is the time to dive into the 2015 YouTube Music Awards, hosted by Tyler Oakley, presented by Kia, and produced by VICE. Check out the making-of above, premiere the motherlode of music videos on YouTube, and join in on the conversation online with #YTMA.

FKA twigs -­ Glass & Patron, Directed by FKA twigs


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