Flaming Spiral GIFs Will Make You Want to Light Shit on Fire

There's no CGI in Daniel Barreto's mesmerizing experiments with fire.

by Beckett Mufson
Jan 6 2017, 5:40pm

Images courtesy of the artist

They say not to play with fire, but if Guadalajara-based artist Daniel Barreto's mesmerizing lighter GIFs are wrong, we don't want to be right. He creates seamless loops of fiery stop-motion infernos around his models, making them look like they have pyrotechnic super powers. Each flame, floating by on its own, isolates the beauty of a conflagration without the danger of catching fire.

Barreto creates these GIFs by dragging a lighter in circles around his subjects in low light for two to three minutes. In AfterEffects he duplicates the clip then changes the blending mode so each part of the loop burns through to the front. "Ever since I discovered Canadian animator Norman McLaren's playful films, I've been obsessed with the use of light and repetition," he tells The Creators Project. Like McLaren's groundbreaking experiments with shape, color, and perspective, Barreto's GIFs are hard to peel your eyes away from, especially if you were the type of kid who prefered playing with matches to G.I. Joes. Appease your inner pyromaniac with the loops below:

See more of Daniel Barreto's work on his website.

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