See Inverted Landscapes Captured in Perfectly Reflective Puddles

Photographer ponders silents moments with his lens.

by Diana Shi
Jul 16 2016, 11:45am

Where the Earth & Sky Meet. All photos courtesy the artist

Puddles act as windows to the sky, in a series of paintings which present themselves as the perfect, natural vignette right after a rainshower. The photograph of a peary oil slick does double duty, maximizing the reflective nature of the puddle, nary any editing effects. Photographer Chris Carr has worked on the project titled Puddle Reflections for several years. At first glance, it is easy to assume polarizing filters or digital tools are at work, but that is not case.

Carr refrains from execessive editing, and instead, takes a special pride in the natural wonder that falls into place shortly after the shutter click. The collection differs from the typical landscape photography in how it combines two separate perspectives to create a new layer of reality. Carr tells The Creators Project, “The series captures surreal landscapes from nothing more than reflections in puddles. Images which evoke the idea of two worlds, colliding in one image, all brought together from one small view.”

Blue & Pink Fall Sunset

Triangle Skyline Leaves

Oil Slick Walk Among the Clouds

Space Shuttle

Downtown Building Cobblestone

George's Fried Chicken

Palm Tree & Pole Beneath Clouds and Blue Sky

Tree on Grass

Check out more of Carr's work and his constantly evolving Puddle Reflections photography series, here


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Chris Carr
Puddle Reflections