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The Grammys In Instagrams: Daft Punk Cleaned Up And Pharrell's Hat Won Big

Last night everyone got lucky.

by TCP Staff
Feb 16 2016, 4:32pm

We all know by now that Pharrell's hat was the unoffocial winner of last night's Grammy's (at this time @Pharrellhat has over 15,000 Twitter followers), but in the official battle for lavish sippy cups Daft Punk reigned supreme, nabbing the night's highest honor - Album of the Year - along with a statue for Best Album of the Year for Random Access Memories. .

It's been a massively triumphant year for the robots, and we're so honored to have been a part of it.

Watch last night's performance, Daft's first live show of any kind since 2010, and then revisit the legendary artists who helped create the best album of 2013 here.

Kendrick Lamar came out in a blaze of glory.

Queen's of the Stone Age's Josh Hume showed a little love to Foo Fighter Dave Grohl. For more on Hume's year in music, check out our recent work with QOTSA for The Vampyre of Time and Memory.

Daft Punk prepared for take off, and we couldn't have been more thrilled.

Tender moments were shared by all.

Beyonce summed up how we all felt about Pharrell's hat.

VH1 decided to change their logo, and we liked the facelift.

Madonna and Yoko Ono got fancy.

Queen Latifah officiated a mass wedding with the declaration "Open your heart." 

Did we miss a moment you loved? Drop us a line (or a 'gram) in the comments.