A Roll of Duct Tape and Little Else Is Required for These Sticky Still Lifes

Ukrainian artist Mark Khaisman creates images of everyday life from duct tape.
October 16, 2016, 12:05pm
Chair 13. Images courtesy the artist and Pentimenti Gallery

Long stretches of see-through plastic unravel one over another, subtly revealing the scrappy outline of an easy chair and the shaded profile of a friendly female face. The packing tape world of Ukrainian artist Mark Khaisman is filled with these deceivingly transparents layers—in tones of brown, clear, and gray—which mix and evolve into new interpretations of depth. Khaisman happened on the unusual medium while experimenting with the material 10 years ago. The artist used his past experience in architecture, particularly with stained glass, when forming the basis of his artwork. A seamless packing-tape rendering of a multi-colored oriental rug mimics a mastery in stained glass in its display of vibrancy and dimension. Khaisman achieves his unique depth-creating effect by administering shrewd amounts of tape to backlit acrylic sheets.

Mark Khaisman shares a few words on his work with The Creators Project: “My works are pictorial illusions formed by light and shadow. Tape allows me to manipulate the light in a very direct way. [An] unforgiving transparency together with [a] default setting of width and color augments the seductive banality of my material of choice.”

Khaisman adds, “My image-building process can be described as 'chaos management,' although by the time the piece is finished I don't exactly know how it has happened.“ See a few of his selections of tape-constructed artwork below:

Chair 15

Chair 16

Tape Noir 98

Mark Khaisman is represented by Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia. To learn more about Khaisman and view more of duct-tape artwork, visit his website, here.


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