Drown in a Sea of Slimy Bodies in a New 360° Video

George Michael Brower’s 'Human Horde' will haunt your dreams tonight.

by Nathaniel Ainley
Nov 16 2016, 2:20pm

Screencaps by the author, via

Streams of pillowy bodies wiggle effortlessly across the camera in a new 360° video that throws the spectator into a white purgatory overrun with the slithering humanoids. George Michael Brower's Human Horde simulates an integrated network of naked white figures that leaves you the viewer feeling deeply unsettled, if not oddly turned on. There is something celestial about it: maybe it's the semblance to depictions of heaven of classical religious paintings, or maybe it's the ominous score that follows the scene.

From time to time, the 3D artist and designer collaborates with Popcorn 10, which explains Human Horde’s uncanny resemblance to the videos of Cool 3D World. Recently, Brower released a virtual reality game called Playthings that lets you play music with food. Enter the Human Horde below: 

You can check out Brower’s Playthings game, here, and for other works by the artist, head over to his studio's website.


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