What if Nikola Tesla Were a Photographer?

Marc Simon Frei takes stunning photos of electric purple sparks that would make Tesla proud.

Jun 19 2015, 5:45pm

Images courtesy the artist

Maybe all Nikola Tesla needed was a better illustration of his theories. Had the physicist and futurist had access to Marc Simon Frei's beautiful snapshots of electricity flowing like water, his vision of free energy for all would be a little bit closer to reality. Frei's ability to create art based on the inventor's signature Tesla Coil—a device that creates sparks across short distances—makes him worthy of the "mad scientist" moniker, in line with other Tesla Coil artists like Anouk Wipprecht, David Blaine, and Björk.  In a new photography series, Tesla Sparks, Frei demonstrates his electrifying gift.

See more of Frei's photos on Google+.

via The Awesomer


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