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Abstract CG-Forms Are Sliced Into New Visuals In This Awesomely Weird Animation

In DXMIQ's Sliced different shapes and forms are cut to create a new set of surreal visuals.
July 8, 2013, 11:59am

SLICED is the latest audiovisual film from Russian artist Maxim Meshkov (aka DXMIQ). In the abstract short forms float into view before being sliced to reform into something else in an ambient trip for the senses. The fluid shapes transform into different animations in a set of beguling visuals that have a Rorschach test effect, bringing to mind everything from spacecraft to flowing liquid, forests, and biological matter, before the ending pulls you into another place entirely.

It's an evocative experience and feels like a natural progression from DXMIQ's work for FIELD on their generative film Energy Flow, executively produced by The Creators Project, where he designed and art directed the visuals for the LHC segment which explored the world of particle physics.

Check out some stills from SLICED below.

Watch DXMIQ's director's cut of his Energy Flow film.

And to learn more about FIELD's Energy Flow_, watch our documentary on them below..._

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Images courtesy of DXMIQ