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Anamanaguchi Let The Cat Out Of The Bag With "Meow"

The power punk chiptune group release their first music video ever.

by Kathleen Flood
Jan 8 2013, 8:35pm

I didn’t think Anamanaguchi could get any more hyper from the looks of their live shows, but after watching their FIRST music video (out today!) for “Meow,” I’m sitting here spinning from all the 90s nostalgia and middle school/high school flashbacks that have just grazed my eyeballs.

Directors Daniel Gray Longino and Eric Notarnicola (of Tim and Eric Awesome Show fame) take you on an ADD, sugar-fueled journey to Daddz Fun Zone where ravers, jocks, pizza, glow-in-the-dark mouthpieces, mall goths, Ouija boards, Furbies, etc. converge in one hell of an epic ball-pit-drunk party that kind of makes me feel as if we just fell through the band’s Tumblr. (Speaking of Tumblr, is that Molly Soda we spy first at 00:43?) The vid culminates in a Japanese-anime-style video game setting (fitting) before the band erupts on stage. Meow!

Now before I’m off to dig out my Polly Pockets and inhale some Fun-Dip, let’s play a quick Where’s Waldo-esque game.

1. What’s the mascot of Daddz Fun Zone?

2. What drink brand is on the cooler that’s poured on James?

3. Name three pop-culture icons spotted towards the end of the video (Furby doesn’t count).

4. Giants or Jets?

What do you spy with your little eye? Leave your answers in the comments below, and let us know what you’re most 90s nostalgic about while you’re at it.

“Meow” is off Anamanaguchi’s upcoming album Endless Fantasy out later this spring. Stay TOONed!


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