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Creating Moving, Alien Forms With Magnetic Liquids

A Singapore-based artist records his experiments in ferrofluid.

by Erica Gonsales
Apr 4 2012, 6:00pm

Singaporean artist Afiq Omar, an art and design student at Nanyang Technological University, is a professional photographer dabbling in chemistry experiments. His two latest works record mutant shapes produced with ferrofluid, a magnetized liquid. The first was Ferreum, showing properties of ferromagnetism that you can check out below.

Ferreum got him going with the medium, and soon after it he created Ferroux, this time mixing tiny portions of ferrofluid with other liquids containing chemicals—soap, alcohol, milk, etc. He alerts trypophobes, people with a phobia of clustered holes in organic objects such as honeycombs, corals, or certain types of flowers, that they may be disturbed by the video.

And below are some curious images created from the artist's experiments.