Watch 'VICE' on HBO Tonight

To get primed for our new show, you should check out this teaser, which gives you an idea of just how expansive and frenetic 'VICE' will be. Expect to see our hosts immersing themselves in peculiar and fascinating stories happening in some of the most...

Ladies and gentlemen, the day we have all been waiting for is here. Tonight our globe-trotting docuseries, VICE, will be broadcast across the land, enlightening audiences and gluing eyeballs to televisions all over the country. Expect to see VICE co-founders Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi, as well as the show's other hosts, diving headfirst into peculiar and fascinating stories happening in some of the world's most remote and dangerous places. Check out the 30-second teaser above to get primed for the first episode, which airs tonight at 11 PM, after Real Time with Bill Maher. Or, if half a minute of VICE isn't enough for you, click here to watch a longer trailer for the show.