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The Creepy House Stalked by the 'Watcher' Is Back on the Market Again

For just $1.25 million, you can own a piece of New Jersey history that might come with its very own stalker.
March 30, 2016, 6:40pm
Photo via Flickr user Lee Stonehouse

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The Westfield, New Jersey, home that's allegedly the fixation of a deranged stalker who calls himself the "Watcher" is back on the market, reports. The listing page for the colonial six-bedroom boasts about the "character & charm of the early 1990s," but fails to mention its sinister history.

The house made headlines last year when Derek and Maria Broaddus received creepy-ass letters just three days after purchasing it. The letters, signed only by the "Watcher," informed the couple that he's been spying on the house for decades, referred to the Broaddus children as "young bloods," and asked the family if "they had found out what's in the walls yet."

The Broadduses were understandably freaked out, not to mention pissed off that they had spent almost $1.4 million on a new home that came with its own stalker, so they decided not to move in and tried to sell. When they didn't find a taker, they filed a lawsuit against its previous owners claiming that they failed to disclose their knowledge of the anonymous letters.

The house is now for sale for $1.25 million—a small price to pay for the thrill of living every day like you're trapped inside a Rockwell music video—but the listing agent told that there hasn't been much interest.

The letters could just be someone's idea of a sick joke—former owner Bill Shaffer told Gothamist last that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of—but if so, it's a joke that has had some serious real-world consequences.