The New Rob Zombie Movie Is Basically 'Hunger Games' with Psychotic Clowns

Check out the trailer for Zombie's new movie, '31,' coming this September.

by Matthew James-Wilson
Jun 14 2016, 5:25pm

For anyone who was afraid Rob Zombie was getting soft after he announced his plan to direct that new Groucho Marx biopic, worry not. The guy just dropped the trailer for his new horror flick, 31, and it's full of all the blood and terrifying clowns that we've come to expect from his other movies.

The film stars the White Zombie founder turned director's wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, and follows a group of carnies traveling across America who are ambushed and kidnapped by a posse of freaky-ass clowns.

The clowns take them back to their lair, where Malcolm McDowell in aristocratic garb forces them to play a deadly game called 31, which basically involves the carnies trying to survive inside a "Murder House" like they're in Hunger Games, but with terrifying psychotic maniacs. It's pretty much par for the course if you know Zombie's work, so if you were all about House of 1000 Corpses, then you'll probably be on board for this one.

The trailer has a fair amount of blood, switchblades, vague one-liners, and sound effects that wouldn't be out of place in a Tim and Eric sketch, but it somehow comes together into something strangely fun. Give the trailer a watch above, and check out the full thing when it hits select theaters September 16.

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