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Corey Lewandowski Is No Longer Donald Trump's Campaign Manager

After a chaotic and stressful couple of weeks, the Trump campaign made a change at the top, though it's unclear exactly why.

by VICE Staff
Jun 20 2016, 3:27pm

Photo via Flickr user Gage Skidmore

After a two-week period marred by reports that Donald Trump's campaign is in chaos, as well as falling poll numbers and public criticism from other Republicans, the campaign announced that Corey Lewandowski is out as the GOP frontrunner's campaign manager. The New York Times had the news first.

"Corey Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign," Trump's campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said in a statement to the Times. "The campaign is grateful to Corey for his hard work and dedication and we wish him the best in the future."

It's unclear if Lewandowski was fired or decided to jump ship, but the move reportedly came as a shock to Team Trump; no one received a staff-wide email announcing the departure, according to the Washington Post.

Even before reports surfaced that the campaign manager had fraught relationships with top Trump staffers like Hicks and senior advisor Paul Manafort, Lewandowski attracted attention to himself after he was charged with simple battery after grabbing Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields at a campaign event in March. Prosecutors later dropped those charges, and Trump stood by his employee during the controversy, so it's unclear what prompted Monday's decision. As with everything Trump, there's no shortage of theories. Gabriel Sherman of the New York Times Magazine blames the children:

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