Action Bronson Returns with “Durag vs Headband,” Goes Full Bronson in Video

Hey, there’s Big Body Bes sitting on a white horse.

Oct 22 2016, 4:26pm

Action Bronson has been hinting at the release of his new Blue Chips 7000 mixtape for a while now. But rolling around the world, eating large quantities of fine foods, and generally living like a king is awfully time consuming. So with the exception of "Descendant of the Stars" to line up with VICELAND's Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens, there hasn't been a lot of music coming from the Bronson camp in the last few months.

But now he's returned with "Durag vs Headband" and it's as though he never left. The Knxwledge-produced track has Action in full flow, having fun: "I'm in a club with a condom on / All Under Armour on," he raps. Then, without a pause, "Don't make me bring the white guitar out / Like the one in Wayne's World / That was shining in the window / Since 13 I've been a nympho."

The video features the whole crew with Big Body Bes sitting atop a white horse because, well, of course, why blow the chance to have Big Body Bes just chill atop a white horse? 

Watch the video below.

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