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This Blood Orange Performance of “Augustine” and “Thank You” Is All Types of Beautiful

The artist paid tribute to victims of police brutality and oppression on US show ‘Conan’ last night.

by Daisy Jones
Aug 24 2016, 11:22am

Right now, there are too many albums that could be legitimately described as masterpieces. It’s actually exhausting trying to find time for them all. I’d only just got used to the idea of there being a real life goodbye gift from David Bowie before the world suddenly flung out Anti and The Life Of Pablo and Lemonade and A Moon Shaped Pool and Coloring Book and Endless and Blond(e) and all the other incredible stuff in between. When will this madness end? But also, I hope it never does.

Blood Orange’s Freetown Sound also fits into this category of Musical Masterpiece From 2016, and it deserves its own time and breathing space, entirely separate to all the other sounds that are swimming around your headphones right now. With that in mind, it’s worth watching this live performance by Blood Orange on Conan last night, because it is all types of beautiful for all types of reasons.

In it, Dev Hynes sings his track “Augustine” over a tinkling piano melody, while two dancers perform behind him. He then moves in front of the piano to rap “Thank You” next to the framed pictures of T Mack, police brutality victim Philando Castile and murdered trans activist Hande Kander, which are leaning against the piano, before he bows in front of them.

Watch the video below.

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