We Can Feel Again!

Thanks to some guy from some blog, Johnny Ryan's Sadness Meter has been brought back to life in three-dimensional glory!

Way back yonder, in this very month during the year 2009 AD, we published The Universal Sadness issue. Inside that issue lived the Sadness Meter, a creation birthed from the twisted mind of Johnny Ryan designed to let you let other people know exactly how sad you are—from Totally Unsad to Way Too Sad—at any given moment. It was brilliant.

Well, the hands of time kept cranking and, as the months passed, we saw less and less people walking around with the Sadness Meter taped to their chests. Then, about two and a half years ago people stopped wearing them altogether. We have had absolutely no idea how people have been feeling for the past 30 months.

Thank god for some guy from some blog, who has brought the Sadness Meter back in three-dimensional glory! Just look at that thing, wouldya! We couldn't have done it better ourselves. We are officially Totally Unsad.

Via zipperteeth.blogspot.com/