We Have a YouTube Channel Now

And it is glorious.

VICE Presents - Sneaking Into North Korea

As you may have heard, a few months ago YouTube decided to give a smorgasbord of people and media outlets their own designated channels to do pretty much whatever they want with. We got two of them. One of which went to Noisey, who has been using it to put out the best music content on the web. The other we saved for VICE proper, and have been awake since last October (they did this to us) creating great stuff to put in it.

That sort of eyeball-to-screen time has left our brains feeling all hot and extra squishy, so we're going to keep this as quick and succinct as possible. Basically, we have three shows on our channel. The first is called VICE Today, and will be new, shiny original content tailor-made for YouTube. New episodes of VICE Today come out Mondays and Thursdays starting next week. Then we have a thing called VICE Presents, which is a show dedicated to putting a new spin on our classic-ist of video pieces via new intros and insights from the hosts, editors and producers involved, and will run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Lastly is our specialty programming. This is where we'll throw everything that doesn't fit into the two categories above. Herein you will find behind-the-scenes and deleted footage, response videos, long-form interviews,and maybe a few new VICE Guides that will make the world easier to understand. Due to the random nature of this show, these episodes will be released sporadically.

Subscribing to our channel is probably the best decision you'll make today. Just click here. We'll also be airing the shows on VICE.com, so you can watch them on your favorite site ever. You're welcome.

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