What Is the Least Trustworthy Profession?

Maybe the real untrustworthy people working are the ones who can't keep a job? No, that can't be right cause that would include my big brother and he's the most unemployable standup guy I know.

This is a hard one right? There are so many awful blood sucking vampire squids out there syphoning the life-force out of this Earth and the good people who live in it. But who's the worst? Maybe we should follow Win Butler's thought process, and never trust anyone who makes a million dollars—which would probably include Win Butler... Maybe the real untrustworthy people working are the ones who can't keep a job? No, that can't be right cause that would include my big brother and he's the most unemployable standup guy I know. This is too tough. Hey British folks, help us out here: What's the least trustworthy profession?

Lynn, 25: I guess a lot of people would say bankers, but I don’t think they’re necessarily untrustworthy. Maybe real estate people because they make shit up just to sell it to you.

Do you know any estate agents?
Not here in London, no. I’m safe here, thank God. I don't have to put up with their sniveling.

What’s the most trustworthy profession?
I guess a journalist.

Really? Even after the Leveson enquiry?
Well yeah, you're supposed to be trustworthy.

We are. Don't you worry about that.

Fergus, 22: Oh, it's got to be estate agents, doesn't it? They always seem very dodgy, very untrustworthy—too slick for their own good. Plumbers aren't great, either. I've dealt with a lot of dodgy plumbers, who've massively overcharged me.

What about the most trustworthy profession?
A shopkeeper, maybe. All their prices are out on display, so the only people they're fucking up through dodgy business are themselves, really.

What do you do?
I’m a web developer. We're pretty trustworthy, generally.

Liz, 24 (left) and Abbie, 25.

Abbie: Bankers. Without a shadow of a doubt. The most untrustworthy people in the entire world.

All bankers?
Liz: My dad’s a banker.

Do you trust your dad?
I think so.
Abbie: I wouldn’t highlight particular individuals, but finance and banking as a profession is definitely the most untrustworthy. HSBC were slapped with record fines today. I work for a charity and do some ethical finance campaigning, so I know a little about this kind of thing.

Oh yeah? Are you trustworthy?
I’ve never told a lie in my life.

How about you, Liz?
Liz: I don’t think you can make generalizations like that.

Don't be boring.
OK. The people who have fucked me over the most are car mechanics. Most people don’t actually know what’s wrong with their car, so it’s very easy for them to overcharge.
Abbie: On the other end of the scale, I reckon librarians are the most trustworthy. They’ve gotta be too boring and unimaginative to make things up, right?

Come on, you shouldn't generalize like that.

Katie, 26: Oh, that’s a tricky one. I can’t decide. But I'd say maybe someone who works in the city—a city boy. Any boy in a suit is generally bad news when you think about it. 

Boys particularly?
Yeah. Boys in suits, I’d stay away from them.

Do you have a boyfriend?
No, but if I did there's no way he'd wear a suit. It would make me far too uncomfortable.

What do you think is the most trustworthy profession?
Maybe a doctor. I’d like to think we can trust them, but I know someone who knows someone who got raped while she was under anaesthetic by her doctor or surgeon or something.

Wow, dark.

Nick, undisclosed age: Estate agents are so untrustworthy. They want to sell and they want to make commission so they lie and make everything seem wonderful. I’ve always had bad experiences with them.

We’ve had a lot of people say estate agents. Who else are dicks?
I dunno, I think most people are trustworthy on the whole. Medical people—doctors, nurses—they’re all trustworthy. And people involved in religion are usually trustworthy, too.

All religions?
No. Just vicars and nuns, I mean. A nun’s a profession, right?

Not really, no.

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