Question of the Day - Who Deserves A Punch In The Face?

A punch in the face is one of society's great equalisers. Whoever you are or whatever you do, chances are you’re going to deserve one at some point. To clarify, we're not talking the kind of crazy bullshit going down in Poland and Ukraine right now. Just a quick and clean knuckle sandwich to remind you you're no better than the rest of us fucking losers. So, people on the street, who deserves a punch in the face?

 Who do you think deserves a punch in the face?

Scott: Anyone who wears deep V shirts.

Do they have to do anything else, or just wear the shirt?

Just wear the shirt, the rest is irrelevant if they’re wearing one of those shirts.

But what if the guy who cured cancer likes them, or if you were pulled out of a burning building by someone wearing one?

Nope, they still deserve a punch in the face. You can be the most amazing person alive, but it doesn’t give you a reason to dress like that. 

Who would you like to see punched in the face?

Adam: I’m not sure, maybe a chick, just because you don’t see it too often.


No, I’m totally kidding, of course I don’t want that.

I feel like maybe you do a little bit, why else would that be the first thing you said?

I really, really don’t think that okay. Oh great now it’s going to be on the internet forever that I’d be interested in seeing a girl get punched. 

Who do you think deserves a punch in the face?

Andrew: Why does Tony Abbott always come to mind straight away?

For his politics or for always getting his legs out on the news?

Just because he’s so incredibly negative about everything, negativity deserves a punch in the face.

That’s pretty ironic.

Maybe, but I think it would do him some good. 

Who do you think should be punched in the face?

Cristina: Andrew

Whoa, in rebuttal to his Tony Abbott comment, or trouble in paradise?

No not for that, home issues.

Can you expand on that or is this getting too heavy?

No, for his inability to put anything away in a cupboard.

Well that’s nice, it’s good to get a little personal.

We were just talking about it before, it seems like this could be a pretty good warning to him. 

Who do you think deserves a punch in the face?

Beck: Probably my best friend because she’s moving back to London today.

You don’t sound like much of a best friend. Do you think that would entice her to stay?

No probably not, but that’s what I feel like doing. I was thinking about stealing her passport.

Calling in a bomb threat is a good one too. Just do it from a pay phone.

Yeah that’s a good one, maybe better than just smashing her.

Who do you think deserves a punch in the face?

Marcella: Tony Blair

You didn’t think about that at all, been feeling like this for a while?

Yeah, because he’s a retard.

Want to elaborate on that at all? You shouldn’t want to punch people for being retarded.

No that’s it, I just don’t like him.

Maybe one day he’ll Google himself and find this, it might make him think.

I doubt it, but if he does he should know he’s a retard who should be punched in the face. Does that make me sound dumb?

Nah, you’re fine.