Pretend 'Nathan for You' Isn't Gone Forever with These Deleted Scenes

Nathan Fielder's ambitious business strategy of rebranding smoke detectors as musical instruments is even wilder than you thought.

by Beckett Mufson
Dec 10 2018, 7:28pm

Screenshots via YouTube

Nathan For You, the brilliant satire of marketing, media, hype, and everything that holds our capitalist society together, is no more.

Over the course of four seasons, creator and host Nathan Fielder used his "pretty good grades" in Canadian business school to convince small business owners to let him rebrand their businesses in legendary so-dumb-they're-smart schemes. In one episode he used the Holocaust to sell outerwear and in another, he tried to start a sleeper cell within Uber. His most famous gag was probably creating Dumb Starbucks, a parody coffee shop that attracted thousands of customers by first fooling them into believing it was the beverage giant, then bringing them in on the joke. Fielder's hilarious critique of our late capitalist hellscape will be sorely missed.

Premiering clips from defunct TV shows isn't something we typically do, but because we're large NFY heads still mourning its loss, we wanted to make sure this tape saw the light of day. What you'll find below are three extended scenes from Season 4, Episode 6, "Shipping Logistics Company," in which Fielder concocts an elaborate scheme to mail smoke detectors tax-free by rebranding them as musical instruments. He starts a fake band called The Bonzai Predicament—which includes the newly dubbed "Blues Smoke Detector"—so he can prove it's a "real instrument." He winds up also faking a Shell commercial stealing their "hit" single, "Tears from Jupiter," and giving away a bunch of free gas to make them go viral—thus making the smoke detector a "well-known" instrument—via pure manufactured outrage. It's brilliant.

The deleted scenes include an instructional video for how to use the instrument by "LA legend Harmonica Greg," a beautifully awkward extended video of the band recording with the grating smoke detector beeps, and the full commercial. Enjoy below.

Nathan for You: The Complete Series DVD set will be available on December 11.

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