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Troye Sivan's New Song "Bloom" Is Music For Kissing, Basically

It's the latest single from Sivan's as-yet-unannounced album, due this year.

by Lauren O'Neill
May 3 2018, 2:01pm

Image by Hedi Slimane via PR

It's no secret that Troye Sivan has an album on the way, and as far as the pop genre is concerned, it's one of the most anticipated of the year. Over the last few months, by way of two excellent new tracks and an utterly transcendent performance on Saturday Night Live, Sivan has re-announced himself as a pop heavyweight, and one who is not here to make any compromises at that.

"Bloom" is a song about queer desire, a subject matter he pairs with a traditional pop structure. Its looming, atmospheric synths sounds like how the hot air of an encounter with someone you're really, really into feels: heavy, loaded, and full of possibility. It's also got the sort of chorus that would make a pop stalwart like Carly Rae Jepsen or Jack Antonoff proud—it feels like the euphoric lift of the emotion it's describing, and Sivan seems to have the rare knack of pulling that sound and feeling together, to reach the full potential of both. "Bloom" is, undoubtedly, music for kissing to, so press play above and find a partner ASAP.

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