Gronkowski to Race in Kentucky Derby

There's a horse in southwest London who is headed to Kentucky. His name is Gronk... owski.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Mar 30 2018, 5:49pm

Images via Twitter/@dannyamendola and @AtTheRaces

We know Rob Gronkowski can drink like a tremendous machine, but there's a chance we'll be treated to Gronkowski moving like a tremendous machine in May at the Kentucky Derby. And there's an even better chance that Gronkowski will bet on Gronkowski. That is, the man and the horse. A horse from southwest London by the name of Gronkowski just won the Burradon Stakes in England and that means he's headed stateside. Gronk on Gronk action.

Here's a clip of the victory:

If you feel like there's some kind of correlation between the two—good hunch. Of course, yes, people can name their horses whatever, but it's pretty hilarious why the owner of Gronkowski decided to name the horse Gronkowski. Per The Racing Post:

Kerri Radcliffe, Phoenix Thoroughbred's racing manager and bloodstock agent for the northern hemisphere, said: "I love the New England Patriots and as Rob Gronkowski is six-five and about the same wide I thought it would be an appropriate name for the horse as he's built much the same."

Just imagine this guy, pounding a dozen mint juleps and spending a season's salary on this beast's chances of beating out other beasts.

Only one thing left to be said:


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