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Watch a Dude Attempt to Cook Pancakes Using Lasers

That guy who used lasers to carve a ham and cheese bust of Vin Diesel is back, and this time, it's for breakfast.

by Alex Swerdloff
Jul 31 2017, 2:00pm

Screen grab via YouTube user William Osman.

"What's the definition of 'cooked'?"

So asks William Osman. He's the YouTube man who cracks eggs with a hammer, makes toast-buttering robots, and now tries to perfect the act of pancake-making using lasers, all for your video-watching pleasure.

In his latest installment to an ever-growing oeuvre that is probably best described as "snarky forms of technology abuse," Osman tries to match the quality of a "control" pancake—which was made the old-fashioned way—with a laser-cooked pancake.

It may not surprise you that several attempts yield merely a burnt pancake, more in the realm of a dried-up tortilla. Osman then has the brilliant idea to make a layered pancake—because why the hell not—and the result is… spongy, as in kitchen-sink spongy. Chelsea, Osman's friend, sums it all up: "It's not the worst thing you've ever made."

Screengrab via Osman's YouTube video.

Back in March, MUNCHIES interviewed Osman after he caught our attention for having the unparalleled ingenuity and integrity to accomplish what no man before him had: He used kickass lasers to roguishly carve a bust of Vin Diesel out of a ham and cheese sandwich.

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Laser-cooked pancakes? Not Osman's finest hour. But, still, the video is oddly compelling to watch, and we have a feeling that, one day, technology will indeed catch up with IHOP, and lasers will eventually produce something worthy of the Log Cabin poured on top of them.