The Best EDM Songs Ever & 9 More Things We Loved on the Dance Music Internet

Jana Rush, The Nines, EDM, and more made our list of the week's best things.

by Britt Julious
Jul 16 2017, 8:19pm

1. 101 Best EDM Songs

Skrillex? Aviicii? Diplo? Yes, yes, and yes! See who made our list for the 101 best EDM songs of all time.

2. Daphni

The enigmatic producer returns with his latest mix album, Fabriclive 93. This hour-long collection of bright, shimmery tunes includes some Daphni originals. Stream the whole thing right now on NPR.

3. Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald

This techno masterpiece from Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald is the perfect cap to your weekend, and you can hear it exclusively on THUMP.

4. The world's most beautiful festivals

Mixmag rounded up 20 of the world's most astonishing festivals. We've got so much FOMO right now.

5. From day jobs to DJs

It's really important as a creative artist to have the freedom to say no. If you transition too early and you're depending on gigs for every penny, you can end up whoring yourself out, and playing places you don't want to.

We spoke to six DJs and producers about how they made the leap from their professional working lives to creating and performing music full time.

6. The dance music dictionary

What words from the dance music world should be added to the dictionary? Mixmag has a couple of ideas.

7. Luttrell

On the latest THUMP exclusive stream, we spoke to Luttrell about his shimmery new EP, which you can hear right now.


Dig in to this heavy set, recorded at Brooklyn's Groovy Groovy party.

9. The Nines

We take a look at this Dallas nightclub, where BDSM meets Burning Man.

10. Jana Rush

The Wire has the exclusive stream of Chicago progressive footwork producer Jana Rush's debut album.