Watch the First Episode of VICELAND's 'Last Chance High'

We follow a group of mentors working at Chicago's Moses Montefiore Academy who are dedicated to changing the lives of at-risk students.

by VICE Staff
Jul 28 2017, 6:47pm

In 2014, filmmakers Brent and Craig Renaud won a Peabody Award for the VICE series Last Chance High, chronicling life inside the walls of Chicago's Moses Montefiore Academy, a public high school home to students struggling with emotional disorders. Now, you can catch the full first episode of their eight-part, award-winning series for free before it airs on VICELAND on August 8.

On the series premiere, we meet the school's most at-risk students and the administrators and teachers fighting to keep them out of juvie. It's frustrating for the staff to see their students fight, swear, and storm out of class—but they might be the kids' last chance for help.

Last Chance High comes to VICELAND August 8. Find out how to tune in here.