France at War: Join The VICE News Skype Group Chat on Monday

Join VICE News on Monday for a Skype group chat on the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris.

by VICE News
Nov 20 2015, 8:40pm

Etienne Rouillon / VICE News

On Friday, November 13, a series of attacks across Paris killed 130 people and injured hundreds. The Islamic State claimed responsibility, and French President François Hollande said that France was "at war."

The world reacted with an outpouring of shock and grief, as memorials sprung up from New York to Mumbai and across social media. French military forces responded with air strikes against ISIS, and the government pushed for constitutional changes which would curtail some civil liberties in the name of national security.

Two jihadist militants, including the suspected mastermind of the attacks Abdelhamid Abaaoud, were later killed in a raid by special forces on an apartment building outside Paris. 

VICE News reporters have been on the ground covering the aftermath of the violence — help us continue the conversation.

How will the attacks on Paris shape the fight against the Islamic State? What will this mean for the fates of thousands of Syrian refugees still fleeing a violent civil war? And, what does the relative lack of attention given to a series of similar attacks in Beirut say about how we weigh the impact of terrorism?

On Monday, 23 November at 1pm EST, join VICE News for a Skype group chat to discuss "France at War." If you want to take part, add VICE News on Skype and ask us how.