Madonna Performed "Like a Prayer" at the Catholicism-Themed Met Gala

Well who the fuck else are you going to get to play an event titled 'Fashion and the Catholic Imagination'?

by Lauren O'Neill
May 8 2018, 2:16pm

Raymond Hall/GC Images

As a (very lapsed) Catholic, I was excited to see what the great and the good of the Met Gala made of last night's 'Fashion and the Catholic Imagination' theme. Of course, most of the celebrities fucked it up by dressing nowhere near ostentatiously enough (or, worse: wearing an ordinary ball gown with a little halo headpiece or a crucifix embroidery), but there's one woman who can always be relied upon for extravagance, especially when the word 'Catholic' is anywhere close by. I'll give you a clue: she's been officially accused of blasphemy by the Vatican, so you know she's a real one.

Madonna (duh) not only embraced the theme with open arms—full headpiece, crucifixes everywhere—but also surprised guests with performances on the night, complete with another costume change. In a highly literal interpretation of the theme, she performed "Like a Prayer," featuring a cast of hooded monks, and a cover of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah," which involved her collapsing on some stairs, which feels suitably histrionic, and therefore Catholic, to me. See "Like a Prayer" above, and "Hallelujah" below.

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