Big Freedia by Todd Seelie

Photos Remembering Brooklyn's House of Vans

A staple of the New York City music scene over the last eight years closed its doors last week.

Aug 31 2018, 5:34pm

Big Freedia by Todd Seelie

If you've spent any time in north Brooklyn over the last decade, there are two phrases you're probably very familiar with: "Williamsburg's really changed, man," and "Hey are you going to House of Vans tonight?" And now, in some sort of cosmic twist, the latter phrase will never be uttered again, thanks to the former. Does that make sense? Are we making sense? Probably not, but the point here is that House of Vans closed its doors last week with a performance by Interpol (which feels very New York and very appropriate, if we do say so ourselves) after one hell of a run. In its near decade existence, it became a staple of the music scene in Brooklyn, providing a big-ass garage in the summertime to watch your favorite bands, drink an excess amount of beer, and sweat an absurd amount of sweat (or, in some cases, be a place you could bring your parents to hang out). To pay our respects, HOV has shared with Noisey some of their favorite photos of performers from over the years. See those photos below, and go see some live music this weekend.

Downtown Boys by Todd Seelie
Public Enemy by Colin Devin Moore
Blondie by Laura June Kirsch
Suicidal Tendencies by Laura June Kirsch
Nas by Jonathan Mehring
Shannon and the Clams by Amy Willard
Rae Sremmurd by Jonathan Mehring
H09909 by Jonathan Mehring
Slowdive by Jonathan Mehring