We're Throwing a Dance Party to Ring in Aries Season—Join Us!

Broadly is launching a monthly astrology party—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises—to celebrate the sign of the season. First up? Aries, of course!

by Annabel Gat
Mar 7 2019, 2:46pm

Art by Robin Eisenberg

Broadly isn’t just the home of your favorite horoscopes—we’re also hosting the most exciting astrology events this side of the milky way!

These days, astrology can be a solitary study or simply a means to meme, and we know many Broadly readers have a library of enchanted books to study at the midnight hour! But community is key, and after we had such a blast at Broadly’s first Astrology Conference, meeting readers and budding astrologers, and discussing chiron and crystals over cosmic cocktails, we decided that we want more!

We’re launching a monthly dance party to celebrate life and the zodiac sign of the season—think themed drinks, dancing, and magical surprises. First up? Aries, of course!

Cosmic Nights takes place in a transformed warehouse, a universe of its own that encapsulates the nature of each zodiac sign. Enter Aries’s sphere: A fiery initiation ceremony followed by a non-stop high energy party with food, drink, neon lights, and music to get your body moving. Photo opps abound, and memorable performances honor the spirit of the ram. Plus, we’ll have astrologers available read your birth chart and fill you in on everything you want to know!

Get your tickets here and celebrate life, astrology, and each other with Broadly in Brooklyn!

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