Is 'Rick and Morty' About to Announce New Season 3 Episodes?

Adult Swim hypes a livestream with Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland on Thursday night, advising, "Don’t miss it. Or be late. Trust us."
June 26, 2017, 3:51pm

A mysterious email portaled into our inbox this morning informing us that Rick and Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland will host a "LIVE, spontaneous evening," on the Adult Swim website this Thursday. The only indication of what Sanchez-style chaos will ensue is eight monosyllabic words: "Don't miss it. Or be late. Trust us."

This could mean many things for Rick and Morty's audience, ravenous for new details about the show. Will the Rickstaverse creators answer big questions like, "How is Mr. Poopeybutthole's physical therapy going?" and "How will they revive Rick's one-armed man, McDonald's Szechuan Sauce?" Could Adult Swim pull an April Fool's Day Part II, and simply load up a whole new episode?

Over the weekend Dan Harmon took to Twitter to explain why season 3 is taking so long to produce. "Justin and I are very regretful about the season taking way too long. I want to explain 'what happened' because it's way less dramatic than you might ever imagine," he begins. "The reason S3 took long is because it took long to write, because it was S3 of a show that we were scared to make worse than S2 or S1." This answer has an air of summary suggesting the wait could be coming to a close. Read the whole thread here.

Despite desperate, pathetic pleading, contacts at Adult Swim refuse to reveal any more information about the stream. Tune in on at 9 PM EST on Thursday, June 29, to find out what's going on for yourself.


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