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That Time Ice-T Filmed His Friend Running Naked Through a Beehive

The rapper detailed some of his infamous "butt naked party stunts" on the season premiere of 'PARTY LEGENDS.'

by VICE Staff
Jun 9 2017, 7:00pm

On Thursday, VICELAND premiered the second season of PARTY LEGENDS—a show that collects celebrities' unforgettable party stories and animates them. This week we heard some wild stories from singer Soko, actor Paul Scheer, songwriter BJ the Chicago Kid, and Ice-T.

We've recapped our favorite parts of Ice-T's story—where the rapper detailed some of the ongoing antics he and his crew called "Ice-T's Butt Naked Party Stunts"—for your viewing pleasure in GIFs below.

"I've been able to travel all over the world and been at some pretty insane things, but I don't think anything actually matches what I used to do. We would do stunts called 'Ice-T's Butt Naked Party Stunts'—and when we say butt naked, that's no shoes, no socks, nothing! You had to be absolutely naked. Just to see somebody walking through a party with his dick out—it's the funniest shit in the history of the world."

"I had this one friend named Ink. Ink was like Evil E's sidekick. He was strictly there to just to bug out. One time, we were driving up through Northern California, and we saw some boxes off to the side of the highway. Them shits is beehives."

"We stopped the van, and I said, 'Okay, this is the thing. You got to run through the beehive butt naked, and you got to stand on the beehive and you got to yell: Colors, colors, colors, colors!'"

"On the video—and I put it in slow-motion—he's running through the beehives, and the bees are hitting him, and his dick is swinging. At the end of the video, I caught his dick in midair and I put 'O.G.' right next to it. It's classic material."

"Once he got to us, the bees that were chasing him, like, attacked us. You hear the camera drop, and everybody's like, 'Oh, shit!' I wouldn't advise doing that one, but if you're at a party and it seems not to be up to par, butt naked stunts will definitely set the party up. You'll never forget it."

You can catch PARTY LEGENDS Thursdays at 10:00 PM on VICELAND. Find out how to watch here .

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