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Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, August 2019

Welcome to Leo season, little scorpion!

by Annabel Gat
Aug 1 2019, 12:28pm

Amanda Lanzone

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Whoever said Scorpios only like to lurk mysteriously in the shadows hasn't seen a Scorpio during Leo season! You love the spotlight as much as the lions of the zodiac do, and as the sun moves through the sector of your chart that rules success, rewards, reputation, and legacy, this is a majorly exciting time for your career and life in public. Early August also brings excitement to your relationships, as you find yourself partnering with unexpected people on August 2 when Venus, currently in glamorous Leo, clashes with wildcard Uranus in your opposite sign Taurus. At this time, you really need a partner who supports your ascent to the top, and who's down to be by your side as you take risks and experiment with new ideas. You'll be eager to escape relationships where your individuality is strangled—you belong with open-minded people, little scorpion!

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Positive energy flows in your career as the planet of abundance, Jupiter, connects with the sun on August 7 and then Venus on August 8. This alignment isn't only positive for creativity and productivity, but also beneficial for any healthy habits you're trying to grow! There's a stereotype that Scorpios are self-destructive...and it's a sad misconception of the sign of rebirth and transformation! You are the phoenix that rises from ashes, and the energy is very supportive of your growth this August.

August 11 is a busy day: Jupiter ends its retrograde, Mercury enters Leo, and Uranus begins its retrograde. This brings an energy shift in your career, finances, and relationships—it's a great time to reflect on your budget, plan a meeting with your boss, or initiate a conversation about something concerning your career or public life. Shake-ups will arrive in your partnerships, and again, it's crucial that you're with people who accept you for who you are, and don't try to limit you. As the atmosphere shifts, pay attention to unexpected people you may meet or run into, and what developments arrive in your career or finances.

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You're feeling especially popular as the sun meets sweet Venus on August 14, beginning a fantastic new cycle in your career and creative endeavors. This is an amazing time to address any insecurities you have about public speaking or presenting as a professional—you're feeling especially charming, and you're learning to be yourself in front of the whole world! But as much as this month is about stepping into the spotlight, the full moon also shines on the home and family sector of your chart during the full moon in Aquarius on August 15, asking you to look within—and to release.

This is a powerful full moon for letting go of the past and process emotions about your childhood, issues with your family, and current lessons you're learning about privacy, safety, and boundaries. This full moon wants you to to accept that you're not like everyone else—including the people you grew up with or have known you all your life! You have different needs and boundaries, and that's OK—we're all different. Just because you have different needs, doesn't mean your relationship is screwed or needs to end—just that you may need some communication and adjustment. Perhaps some people or places you've called home will find that it's time to go this full moon, but clearing out old patterns is actually what this full moon is all about.

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This is a wonderful time to energetically cleanse your home if you're in a witchy mood, and it's also a great time to literally clean your space! However, don't worry too much about getting organized since everything will be up in the air for a bit as Mercury in Leo clashes with wildcard Uranus on August 16, bringing surprises. Keep your plans flexible and watch out for unexpected news—a breakthrough moment may arrive in a relationship, too.

Virgo season doesn't officially begin until August 23, but you'll feel the energy shift early as Mars enters Virgo on August 17 and Venus follows suit on August 21. Leo season found you in the spotlight, but Virgo season is all about schmoozing and making connections! Think of it this way: You were on stage to accept an award during Leo season, and Virgo season is your after party! Plus, Mars in Virgo gives you the stamina to connect all night and Venus in Virgo makes it so that your intellectual connections are especially inspiring.

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Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter on August 21, which is fantastic for pushing conversations about cash and your career forward—nice! Venus meets Mars on August 24, starting a new cycle in your social life, and then connects with Uranus on August 26, bringing exciting changes to your relationships. Mars also connects with Uranus on August 28, creating an inventive energy and inspiring you to take risks. You're deep in thought about what you want for your future as Mercury enters Virgo on August 29, and this is also a marvelous time to organize around a political or social cause that you are passionate about.

The sun connects with Uranus on August 29, encouraging freedom and flexibility, and an exciting new beginning arrives with the new moon in Virgo on August 30, bringing new opportunities to grow your community and be of service to the world. New moons are magical times for manifestation and tapping into your intuition, so bring some friends together for a meditation circle and create personal vision boards. Good luck this month, Scorpio, and see you in September!