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Weekly Horoscope: July 8 - 14

Be gentle with yourself and others every day this week.

by Randon Rosenbohm
Jul 8 2019, 11:00am

Amanda Lanzone

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This week’s planetary weather is potentially creative, deeply reflective, and productive. Using Mercury retrograde’s reflective awareness, there's an openness toward trying new things. Or, it can manifest as a stronghold of the past and all that is familiar, clinging on for dear life like a clenched crab claw. Patience is something to practice consciously.

There is an openness toward trying something off the beaten path, especially in collaboration with a friend, as artistic Venus connects with eclectic Uranus on Monday. This is grounds for aesthetic invention—a new dish, perhaps. The planet of the mind, Mercury, meets with aggressive Mars on Monday, too—be careful around those whose pride has been hurt! Of course, it’s not fair to feel as though you have to tip-toe around a sleeping lion, but watch your words. Mercury’s meeting with Mars inspires impulsive speaking. Provocative speech triggers a prideful uproar and hurtful or aggressive things can be blurted out.

It's easy to clearly see your goals and the areas of life that need a renewed sense of commitment as the sun faces off with responsible Saturn on Tuesday. Take a moment to look at the things you need to repair and own up to as the slower-moving planet of structure is currently retrograde. Be independent and hold your own hand as you power through responsibilities left on the back-burner.

The most creative day of the week is Thursday: The sun harmonizes with mystical Neptune, deepening empathy and spiritual bonding. Inspiration comes from things that are not of this world, and there's a connection to the sublime. Action planet Mars clashes with rebellious Uranus on Thursday, too, encouraging one to assert their originality. It's a time to break free from restriction and norms by showing individuality, but do so with caution—Uranus is accident-prone! Be gentle with yourself and others every day this week.

The sun faces off with power planet Pluto on Sunday, revealing patterns of jealousy or power imbalance. Pluto can be destructive and obsessive, and under the light of the sun, there is clarity about the things that are harmful toward the ego, putting us face-to-face with our fears. Be aware of what you’re clinging to, and try to probe deeper as to why. Pluto can get deep beneath the surface—use this time for psychological breakthroughs.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You are a nurturing and caring sign, and this week asks that you apply yourself in a way that inspires the world to make a tiny change—whether that's through empathy and compassion or a material revolution depends on which beautiful Cancer is reading this right now. Start your week off by getting motivated to help others on a humanitarian level. As the planet of values, Venus, gently harmonizes with rebellious Uranus on Monday, there is an opportunity to organize your community for an act of resistance. It's easy to clearly see what you're up against and the importance of sharing your beliefs with the world as the sun faces off with the planets of legacy and power, Saturn and Pluto, and harmonizes with the planet of beliefs, Neptune.


Leo (July 22 - August 23)

Think back to June 18—does it ring a bell? That was when something within you clicked quietly as messenger Mercury met action planet Mars. This Monday, Mercury meets Mars once again, this time in your sign, and you're more than happy to let the world hear you in all of your passion! The only thing is that you must be careful, since words can come across as aggressive. Try to play it cool—measure twice and cut once when it comes to your words. You know where your commitments lie and what responsibilities you have to live up to as the sun faces off with Pluto and Saturn. You have a great deal of courage to get it done in your own special way as Mars clashes with rebellious Uranus.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Mercury retrograde currently finds you in a quiet, introverted, hermetic, and spiritual mental space, but don’t let your thoughts get the best of you. Be aware of self-defeating thought processes. As Mercury meets warrior Mars on Monday, it can feel like there’s a war in your mind as your stream of consciousness has a spicy kick. Physical activity can help shake off the mental excess. Cancer season is a beautiful time for you to connect with your community and surround yourself with people who care about you. As the sun harmonizes with mystical Neptune, you can find relationships that are spiritually and emotionally fulfilling. Be your most empathetic self when it comes to others as well as your own inner world.


Libra (September 22 - October 23)

There's an opportunity to take on a surprising new role as your planetary ruler Venus gently harmonizes with wildcard Uranus on Monday. This is an opportune time to try something different when it comes to your personal brand. Inch toward transforming yourself into the professional you want to be. Find an inventive way to express your nurturing and empathetic values with the rest of the world. Whatever tea is spilled as Mercury meets Mars comes second to the impression that you leave on the world. It can be challenging to feel this gentleness as the sun faces off with responsible, prude Saturn and intense, clingy Pluto, making you aware of deep-rooted issues—but have faith that the tiny things add up to something tremendous.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

Don’t act so fast, Scorpio! Your planetary ruler, warrior Mars, meets the planet of ideas, Mercury, on Monday, and major tea about your reputation is spilled. There's an interest in being provocative, edgy, or different as Mars clashes with rebellious Uranus, but try to do it in a controlled environment where you can’t hurt any feelings. You can cut someone with that edge, so think things over before reacting quickly with smart remarks. All misunderstood artist antics aside, it is a very creative time. As the sun harmonizes with Neptune, you can find a way to get your inventive and romantic ideas across in a way that's transcendental and original. It’s an exciting week, but remember: Slow and steady wins the race.


Sagittarius (November 21 - December 21)

There's a lot of energy to get your ideas out into the world, but make sure you’re double checking your work, and don’t get defensive if someone questions you! People are allowed to have their own opinions. As warrior Mars meets messenger Mercury, there's an extra-zealous pep in your step. You’re a sign that’s known for being boldly outspoken, and this transit exaggerates your philosophically energetic quality. You have ideas and you want to put them out into the world—and fast! Slow your roll, though, and mentally or literally edit your words. Your psychic intuition is piqued as the sun harmonizes with mystical Neptune, thinning the veil between reality and dreams. Neptune skews reality, so you might have misguided ideas about other people’s intentions.


Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

It’s a major week for setting your personal boundaries in relationships. It’s not the most mushy, romantic time, but you have a way with words that can sway and uplift other people in your life as the sun harmonizes with artful Neptune. As the sun faces off with your planetary ruler, structural Saturn, and power planet Pluto, you can clearly see the ways you are responsible toward others. This helps you clearly see the things that you're obsessed with when it comes to enforcing your will over other people. The best way to deal with Pluto problems is to unclench and stop trying to push. Look inside yourself for the reasons why you’re being so bossy! Of course, you have every right to say no and stand up for yourself.


Aquarius (January 19 - February 18)

The week begins with energetic discussions and possibly arguments in your relationships. Be as exact with your words as possible, and try to be aware of the ways your language can affect the other people in your life. If you’re feeling annoyed, don’t pick a fight—people are going to react in defensively! Take out your frustrations in other ways that don’t jeopardize your relationships, like journaling, screaming into a pillow, or paying someone that you’re not in a personal relationship with to talk about whatever is on your mind! Mars clashes with rebellious Uranus, and you’re in the mood to try something different when it comes to your relationships with your roommates or family members.


Pisces (February 18 - March 20)

This week begins with an opportunity to branch out and try new things when it comes to your dating life. As the planet of love, Venus, gently harmonizes with rebellious Uranus, you’re down for new ways to communicate with your friends and lovers alike. Ask your dates and inner circle about the things that bring them pleasure, and you'll find a new avenue to express your own desires. The sun makes a strong harmony to psychic Neptune, and you're able to reach a new empathetic high with these friends and lovers. Connect with your inner circle on an emotional level and express your adoration openly and freely. This expression of vulnerability can meet some resistance as the sun faces off with responsible Saturn and power planet Pluto, but people will come around.


Aries (March 20 - April 19)

You have a lot of energy for going on dates, making art, and hanging out with people who make you happy as your planetary ruler Mars meets with messenger Mercury. There can be some sexual frustration there, or a lot of pent up energy and ideas that just need to find a way out! If it’s not through sex, it’s by some form of creative self-expression, and if it’s not art, it’s sex. You can do the things you’ve been talking about—put your ideas into action—but if you don’t slow down and think about what you’re doing, it won’t suit your expectations. You are a go-getter, Aries, but everyone needs rest.


Taurus (April 19 - May 20)

Despite the stereotypes, you are open to new ideas, Taurus, and you can surprise yourself. As your ruler Venus, the planet of values, gently harmonizes with inventive Uranus, conversations with friends can stimulate an experimental streak. This comes from a place of wanting to learn more, but do your experiments in a controlled environment so as to not hurt yourself. Action planet Mars clashes with unwieldy Uranus, and there is a deep urge to assert your individuality and shake things up, but make sure you’re practicing safety first. There can be some arguments with family members or roommates as confused retrograde Mercury meets defensive Mars, brewing up the perfect storm of misunderstandings and reactive statements. Remember to breathe and think before you talk—things can get edgy.


Gemini (May 20 - June 21)

It can be a challenge to get all the facts straight this week as your planetary ruler Mercury (now retrograde, making it more likely that you’re mishearing things), meets aggressive Mars. Mars offers more energy to be an active listener, so practice repeating what you’re hearing back to the person giving you the information. This way it’s clear that you’re not just hearing what you want to hear, and that they are giving you the right information, too. The sun is in strong harmony with deceptive Neptune, and this makes it easy for you to step into one of the many different roles you're qualified for professionally, but this is also a confusing aspect. Not everything is as it seems, so double check that you’re getting the details right.

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