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Listen to Another New St. Vincent Song, "Power Corrupts"

"政権腐敗" is taken from the Japanese version of Annie Clark's new album, 'MASSEDUCTION.'

by Alex Robert Ross
Oct 15 2017, 8:45am

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Hours after releasing her fifth studio album as St. Vincent, Annie Clark has released a new song. "Power Corrupts" (or "政権腐敗") is a bonus track on the Japanese version of MASSEDUCTION and Clark posted it to YouTube yesterday. It's a Japanese language reprise of the record's title track—you can hear the chanted "seiken fuhai" at the beginning of that too—with Toko Yasuda of the New York indie band Enon (and St. Vincent's touring band) providing the bulk of vocals. It's pretty good fun and, for better or worse, it sounds like Jack Antonoff didn't get within a mile of its modulated vocals or soft-industrial drums.

Listen to the song at the top of the page.

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