Pregnant US Teen Shot by Mexican Police During Car Chase

Police fired on truck that refused to stop, hitting pregnant teen in the process. The girl and fetus are expected to survive.

by Payton Guion
Nov 12 2014, 4:50pm

Photo by Ivan/Flickr

Police in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas shot a pregnant 14-year-old US girl after firing on a truck that refused to stop and led officers on a brief car chase around midnight on Tuesday.

Both the girl and the four-month-old fetus are expected to survive, the Tamaulipas state prosecutor's office said. The shooting happened in Reynosa, a Mexican border town that connects via bridge to Pharr, Texas.

Authorities approached the truck, driven by a young man, outside a Reynosa convenience store and ordered him to stop. The pregnant teen was also in the truck. The boy sped away from police, who then chased the truck before shooting at the truck's tires to stop the vehicle.

Upon stopping, the boy fled the scene. Police approached the truck to find the pregnant girl wounded in the abdomen, and she was then taken to the hospital.

The US Embassy in Mexico said it was aware of the shooting, but wasn't able to provide specifics to news outlets following the incident. Officials were not available for comment on Wednesday when contacted by VICE News.

Reuters reported that Mexican authorities are investigating the police involved in the incident. Mexican police are facing increased foreign and domestic scrutiny after recent events in the country.

Earlier this month, three American siblings were killed and found in the city of Matamoros with bullets in their heads and their hands and feet bound. Witnesses say local police were involved in their abductions, according to reports.

Mexico is currently in the midst of major protests in the aftermath of the apparent massacre of 43 students in the country's southern state of Guerrero. Police officers in the city of Iguana allegedly rounded up the students, who had commandeered buses, and handed them over to a drug cartel. Police allegedly kidnapped the students on the orders of Iguala's ex-mayor, who has since been arrested.

Investigators last week said they found trash bags filled with the charred remains of what is believed to be some of the missing students. That discovery set off a fresh wave of demonstrations in Mexico, with led to the National Palace in Mexico City being torched and clashes with police in Acapulco.

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