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These Might Be the Most Elegant Cannabis Edibles on the Market

Lord Jones set out to prove that eating your weed doesn't have to involve shady-looking brownies with unpredictable effects.

by Natalie B. Compton
Apr 18 2017, 4:00pm

Photo by the author.

If someone asked you to imagine a cannabis edible, you might think of a big, formidible brownie filled with god knows how much THC. This isn't the kind of edible Robert Rosenheck had in mind when he set out to create the medicated product line Lord Jones with his wife, Cindy.

"At the time you'd go into a dispensary and the typical edible was a cookie in a plastic bag with a staple," Rob said of the edibles landscape four years ago. "It wasn't labeled, you didn't know what was in it, and you didn't know what the dosage was. It was a little like Russian roulette."

Rob and Cindy had been medical marijuana patients and cannabis enthusiasts for years, and decided to launch a weed business of their own. It started as a side project while the couple ran their creative agency, Capobianco.

Photo by the author.

"We decided we wanted to create a cannabis brand that looked very different from what was out there on the market," Rob said. "We wanted to make a best-in-class cannabis brand."

The brand was dubbed Lord Jones, a name that paid homage to John Paul Jones, the Revolutionary War naval commander and alleged coiner of the phrase "I have not yet begun to fight!"

"A lesser-known fact is that he was a cannabis fiend," Rob said of JPJ. "He grew hemp, as almost all of the colonists did."

The couple worked with chemists, food scientists, designers, and chefs to develop their line of high-end edibles. They decided to make candy, not baked goods, for the challenge.

"Candy is a much more complex thing to make—it's a lot of chemistry," Rob said. "Anybody can make a cookie. It's harder to make a candy, and it's really, really hard to make a really good candy. There's an art to it."

The result of the Lord Jones teams' work is definitely artful. The beautiful packaging—color-coded by dosage—captures the elegant aesthetic the brand was going for, and the contents inside are as tasty as they are pretty.

Photo courtesy of Lord Jones.

The dark chocolate-covered sea salt caramels and dark chocolate espresso chews call for single-origin Ecuadorian chocolate. The gumdrops are made with imported European fruit essences in flavors like wild strawberry, blood orange, and passionfruit. The weed is grown in California.

"It's royalty but for the common man. There's a high/low thing happening," Rob said.

Lord Jones lab-tested edibles come in pure THC formulations, CBD formulations, and THC and CBD blends. They pride themselves on being a low-dose company, offering only 5-,10-, and 20-milligram options.

Photo courtesy of Lord Jones.

"There are plenty of high-dose products on the market so we didn't want to go there," Rob said. "We wanted to make products for the majority of people who don't take those high doses."

With the Rosenhecks' background in art and marketing, Lord Jones is going where no cannabis brand has before in terms of interesting partnerships. The LA-based company partnered with luxe gym Equinox to host a "Dazed and Renewed" recovery workshop on 4/20. They also created a special-edition gum drop with the band Sigur Rós.

The Sigurberry gum drop features flavors inspired by foraged Icelandic berries and "a proprietary terpene blend designed to provide a calming sense of well-being inspired by the music of Sigur Rós," the Lord Jones website reads. The birth of the new flavor was celebrated with a "medicated sound bath," naturally.

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For those new to the edible game, Rob recommends starting with a product that features no more than 5 milligrams of THC. "I'd rather have someone have less of an experience than too much of an experience." Rob said.

While Lord Jones is currently only available in California, the brand is launching in Colorado this summer and has plans to expand to Arizona, Nevada, and Washington State.