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A Year of Lil Wayne: Wayne and Diddy and Mary J. Blige, Together on One Song

How many music videos do you think Wayne has been in, in his life?

by Kyle Kramer
Mar 30 2017, 9:45pm

Day 191: "Someone To Love Me (Naked)" feat. Lil Wayne and Diddy – Mary J. Blige, My Life II... The Journey Continues (Act 1) , 2011

How many music videos do you think Wayne has been in, in his life? And how many do you think it averages out to, per year? Considering, for example, that he has been in dozens of videos like this, for mid-tier R&B hits you easily might have missed, the number must be enormous. This is my third time posting about a video he was in for a 90s R&B artist releasing a song in the 2010s this week alone! I think we can safely assume Lil Wayne has, since around 1997, appeared in at least a dozen videos a year—probably at least two or three times that number every year since 2006 or so. We know that he shot seven videos in one day alone before going to prison. One of these days perhaps it will fall on me to do the actual tallying, but for now I'll settle for throwing out wild speculative numbers and this video of Wayne in a rotating tunnel, which is the concept of every Diddy video.

Anyway, Mary J. Blige is on the promo circuit for her new album, Strength of a Woman, right now. Everyone is super hyped about the collaborations with artists like Kanye West and Kaytranada, but Mary has always been on her forward-thinking shit. Even if "Someone To Love Me (Naked)" isn't the best song in the world, it's a cool move because it's a remix of Diddy Dirty Money's song of the same name from that group's undercooked but ahead-of-its-time Last Train to Paris. And it features Lil Wayne, who makes a sick Dirty Harry reference and then has this nice little run of bars: "I'm feeling myself, fuck if they feeling me / can't spell them without me / it's them or me / yesterday was a memory / looking in the mirror at my enemy." Anyway, go check out the new Mary J. Blige album on April 28 and also this old song on today, right now.

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