We Talk About Sex, Death, and the History of TGI Fridays on Episode 6 of the THUMP Podcast

Confronting mortality through noise records and debating the merits of going out to get laid.

by THUMP Staff
Mar 30 2017, 4:51pm

Photo by Andrew Kuchling/Flickr

Our host Emilie Friedlander convenes a panel of THUMP editors this week to talk about the only things that matter—sex and death. Features Editor Michelle Lhooq, News Editor Anna Codrea-Rado, and Managing Editor Colin Joyce join Emilie for a debate about whether it's ever ok to go to a club solely for the purposes of getting laid—which ends up sparking a discussion about the historical significance of LGBTQ bars and the rise of TGI Fridays. Elsewhere, Anna leads a discussion about unconventional rave locations—including a recent rave in a sewer—and Colin confronts his mortality through the lens of Pharmakon's new album, Contact.

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