It's Never Too Early To Relive Miami Music Week with This New DJ Set from Juan Maclean

It all went down at the luxurious Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort, where grade-A sushi and endless swimming pools reign supreme.

Mar 27 2017, 8:10pm

Photo courtesy of Eden Roc Miami Beach.

If you just spent the last week down in Miami soaking up sun and big beats, your case of the Monday's is probably even more potent than usual today. Or perhaps you're still down there and haven't stopped partying. Maybe you're still at Diddy's. Go get some sleep already! If not, you're probably just like all the regular people who are feeling the tail end of their weekend while they struggle through a chopped salad at their desk right now. But don't fret, because we have some musical therapy for you right here in the form of a brand new DJ set from DFA Records hero Juan Maclean. Recorded just this past Thursday at an exclusive industry event at the luxurious Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort, the set, as always, has Mr. Maclean mixing up house and disco in perfect form. Check it out below, and have a nice week.

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