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Action Bronson Tries a Legendary French Duck Dish with Daniel Boulud

Action had always wanted to try the classic French dish canard à la presse, so we made it happen—with a little help from legendary chef Daniel Boulud.

by Action Bronson
Feb 18 2016, 4:00pm

What can we can possibly say about having Action Bronson eat the most legendary dish, cooked by the best French chef in New York City, all the while donning a Knicks hat and a sport coat?

Action wanted to try pressed duck—or canard á la presse, as the French would say—so we got in touch with Daniel Boulud and made it happen. The dish takes about five days to prepare and is finished tableside in a silver "duck press." Then, the sauce is made in front of the table using the juices from the duck whisked together with wine, Cognac, and some other agents of deliciousness. Chef Boulud was also nice enough to pop a bottle of 1983 Guigal Cote Rotie for the occasion, and in return, Action told him how to write a rap album.

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