Nic Fanciulli: "BPM Reminds Me of How WMC Used to Be"

...And the Saved curator explains what makes the festival so special.

by Jemayel Khawaja
Jan 8 2015, 7:00pm

"I think BPM is definitely more about the underground than the commercial," says UK house guru Nic Fanciulli. "It's a great place to enjoy and discover new music. My first time was in 2010, I think. For me, the parties keep getting better and better; it reminds me of how WMC used to be 13,14 years ago, just a big group of friends all enjoying music in the sun together without any preconceived perceptions of how things should be."

That good-times communal bond is a big part of the celebrated vibe of BPM, but there's more to it than that. "I think its a culmination of a few things," Fanciulli explains. "The time of year, the location, the ethos behind the music policy, and the people that go. January is a time that people enjoy getting away, and especially from Europe where it's generally pretty cold, so when that's combined with all of your friends in the industry in a location like Playa, it really creates something special that you can't put into words."

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Like many of BPM's top luminaries, Fanciulli will be a busy boy during BPM's festivities. "I'm bringing back Saved to BPM for the third year this year, which I'm really excited about," he says. "That'll be on Sunday 11th during the day at the new Blue Parrot Beach Club, alongside Andrea Oliva, Subb-an, Livio & Roby, & ME and Mark Fanciulli."

Fanciulli goes on, "Joris Voorn and I are also taking our La Familia concept outside of Ibiza for the first time ever, and we're both super excited about this. The party is really conceptual, so to be able to put this into different settings is really enjoyable for us - it's also really important for us to re-create the vibe that made the party so much fun last year, something which we've been working with the BPM guys a lot to do. Joining us are Matthias Tanzmann, Secondcity, Lauren Lane and Harvard Bass, and the party is night-time on Saturday January 10th at Blue Parrot."

As an experienced Playa provocateur, Fanciulli has a few words of advice for revelers: "Just try and experience it naturally, go for walks on the beach, go see DJ's and events that you normally wouldn't, there are also some great bars and restaurants slightly off the beaten track that are amazing…The majority of things are within walking distance, so it's easy to stumble across new brands, concepts and artists."

Check out Nic's showcases at BPM:

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