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Chuckie & DJ Vice's "Rock Da Scene" is All About the Old School

No, not the magazine. The DJ. Yeah, we're confused as well.

by Jemayel Khawaja
Dec 18 2014, 5:40am

"I became friends with DJ Vice a couple years ago," says Dirty Dutch proponent Chuckie. "We shared a love for old school. By the time we got together for this track he was like "Yo, let's do something with an old-school vibe,' and I'm like 'yeah, electro?' and he's like "Nah, I'm talking about real old school shit."

That conversation played a pivotal role in the creative direction of their collaborative track "Rock Da Scene." It's a bossy big room banger, for sure, but it's laden with a reverence to old-school hip hop in the bridges and flourishes. It comes as a total surprise, but that sense of creative adventure is central to what Chuckie's all about. "My tracks are always diverse because if you make ten tracks of the same sound, you get bored, y'know?"

Well, there's no room to get bored on this one, from the trancey synths to the Melbourne bounce-styled drop to the sonic surprises hidden throughout, "Rock Da Scene" is at once both quintessentially Chuckie and something new. "The way I build my tracks people will eventually know as Dirty Dutch," he laughs. "The leads are always dirty."

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