BYU Beat Nebraska on a Hail Mary with One Second Left

BYU came back to beat Nebraska on a Hail Mary touchdown pass with one second left in the game.

by Sean Newell
Sep 5 2015, 11:41pm

Holy shit! BYU beat Nebraska on a 42-yard Hail Mary on a fourth-and-three play with one second left on the clock. Freshman quarterback Tanner Mangum dropped back and scrambled to buy his receivers time to make it downfield and then heaved the ball right to the goal line where Mitch Mathews was waiting to cradle that ball right into his arms. He caught it and fell into the end zone for a 33-28 win on the road and the most dramatic finish of the weekend.

Notable moments include: The BYU mascot running onto the field and punching players as they celebrated—

—and senior receiver Terren Houk hugging the referee when he called the play a touchdown.


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