Grayson Allen Was Involved in Another Shady Incident Against Florida State

While trying to save a loose ball, Grayson Allen ran in hard to a Florida State assistant coach and it looked like he gave him a nice shove.

by Sean Newell
Jan 11 2017, 3:37pm

Last February, Grayson Allen tripped Florida State's Xavier Rathan-Mayes in the middle of the court. It was his second tripping incident in a month and the ACC "reprimanded" him, which amounted to the ACC informing the world that they were reprimanding him. Tuesday night, Allen played in his first road game, and second game total, since serving a very steep one-game suspension for...huh, for tripping an opponent. With about six minutes to go in the game and Florida State thoroughly waxing Duke, Allen went diving into the FSU bench for a loose ball. This resulted in a pretty healthy collision with Seminoles assistant coach Dennis Gates.

Both men went to the ground, but it sure does look like Allen gave a little extra extension with his arms at the moment of impact and pushed Gates down. As the play was unfolding, Allen found himself ping-ponging off Florida State players. The FSU crowd was also merciless in booing and ridiculing him throughout. Perhaps all of this resulted in Allen losing his cool, or perhaps he has no cool to lose, or perhaps this is some harmless basketball stuff that just kind of happened and we're only analyzing it because it involved Grayson Allen and his obvious track record. If you look at Noles head coach Leonard Hamilton's face immediately afterward, you know which way he's leaning.

But, despite his boss' poker face, Gates said it was a nothing play and took responsibility for the fall, saying he miscalculated Allen's speed.

Allen left the game on the next play, with a reported head injury sustained while diving for a loose ball.

Florida State beat Duke 88-72.


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