Two NoDAPL Protesters Suspended from the Vikings Rafters With a Banner, One In a Favre Jersey

Seems like a win-win. Until they have to post bail.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Jan 1 2017, 7:25pm

Two people protesting the Dakotah Access Pipeline (DAPL) went to the Vikings home game against the Bears today to hang a banner, and pulled off some high altitude stunts. One of them also happened to be wearing a Brett Favre jersey.

The banner urges US Bank to divest in the controversial pipeline, which gained notoriety last year for its route through indigenous lands, sparking one of the largest gatherings of native American tribes in history. Even though the pipeline is set to be rerouted, protestors say that the mission to stop the pipeline entirely is unfinished.

The two protesters seem to be suspended from rock climbing equipment from the rafters, as police cleared out the sections below them, in case of an accident.

Police also seem to be having a bit of a chat with them about coming down:

Also, as people are noting: they have some of the best seats in the house. Seems like a win-win. Until they have to post bail.


According to the Associated Press, the two protesters—a man and a woman—were arrested for trespassing right after the end of the game. Police are investigating the incident for further charges.