Tennis Player Can't Stop Laughing at Her Opponent's Screw-Up

The opponents may have gotten the last laugh, though.

by Sean Newell
Mar 1 2017, 9:02pm

In early February, Julia Glushko and Shelly Krolitzky teamed up for Israel in a doubles match against Valeria Gorlats and Maileen Nuudi of Estonia in the third round of the Fed Cup. During a typically frenetic rally for a doubles match, Glushko mishit a backhand as she was falling away from the baseline and sent a towering lob over the net. Gorlats camped under it, ready to spike it home for an easy winner and then...whiff.

Pretty embarrassing! Adding insult to injury, however, was Glushko catching a case of the giggles after watching it all go down. It got so bad at one point, she had to turn her back. Glushko eventually composed herself, or so she thought, as she attempted to serve, before busting out in laughter again and stepping away from the baseline.

Glushko and Krolitzky lost to Estonia, two sets to one, as well as every other doubles match they played together at the tournament. As a result, Israel was relegated to Group II for next year's tournament.