Fans in Aaron Rodgers Jerseys Got Particularly Roughed Up at Packers vs. Cowboys Game

People. Please be kind to each other.

by Dave Brown
Jan 16 2017, 10:30pm

Aaron Rodgers came out a winner Sunday when the Packers beat the Cowboys in an NFC playoff thriller at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. But what about Other Aaron Rodgers, a fan in a green No. 12 Packers jersey who got his behind stomped by fans in Dallas gear on the lower concourse? He was not a winner.

TMZ obtained video, which is obstructed by pedestrians and security and probably takes a couple of viewings to digest.

That is not exactly good 'ol Texas hospitality. What we don't know: Who started the fight. Does it matter? Perhaps in court. Dallas police tell TMZ that 10 arrests were made at the game, including two people who were taken in for disorderly conduct and fighting, but they're not sure yet if anyone in the video are among those detained. Here's another view of the action, from the heavens:

It appears that stadium security works with an edict to just leave brawling fans alone until they get it out of their system! It was not security, but fans—including others wearing Cowboys gear—who broke up the fight. Other Cowboys fans appear to be comforting Other Aaron Rodgers in the wake of him taking a beatdown. So maybe #notallCowboysfans should be this fight's official hashtag.

The same can't be said for another fight occurring in the name of the Packers and Cowboys. Outside of the stadium, after the game ended, fans on foot confronted Another Aaron Rodgers, this time a woman, who was driving a car with Packers accessories. They shook her vehicle and, after she made the mistake of leaving the auto, another woman (this one in Cowboys gear) mixed it up with her, MMA-style.

People. Be kind to each other.