Viral Style: Anna Wintour Pizzas And Vogue's Hat-Wearing Velociraptors

Scouring dashboards and the URL world to bring you a selection of fashion tidbits in digestible weekly portions.

Jul 12 2013, 10:18am

A weekly roundup of what's going on at the intersection of fashion, tech, and the web.


In one of the best tech hacks we’ve ever seen, this week saw Vogue’s UK website overrun by hat-wearing velociraptors. No, really. Magazine editor Jonathon Pile typed in the well-known Konami cheat code sequence (gamers might recognise it from video games like Metal Gear Solid 2 and Tetris) on the fashion site’s homepage, only to be surprised by a sartorial dino streaking across the screen. Try it yourself—just head to Vogue and enter Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A on your keyboard. Easy! Would've given anything to see the look on Alexandra Schulman's face when the news broke...


Who says fashion and fast food don’t mix? Reinventing designers with a delicious edge, Glasgow-based resturanteur Domenico Crolla has taken his pizzas to the next level with celebrity faces made out of tomato sauce and cheese. So far, names like Anna Wintour, Tom Ford, Rihanna,and Beyonce have all gone under the slice, but you can’t buy the pizzas (at least for now)—instead, follow Crolla’s work on Instagram. He’s currently waiting for Tom Ford to get in touch and make him a couture jacket, so every bit of support counts.


With her futuristic out-there designs and the fact that she uses people like Grimes in her campaigns, we’re big fans of Iris Van Herpen’s work—not only that, she recently jazzed up the haute couture schedule with these amazing 3D printed shoes. Made through a collaboration with Rem D Koolhaas (founder of United Nude), the skyscraper-tall black wedges are covered in organic-looking tentacles for a sci-fi finish. 


As if the flood of adverts saturating your phone, computer, TV, bus stop, cereal box, and God knows what else wasn’t enough, now train windows are next in line to get the commercial treatment. German company BBDO is looking to incorporate adverts that will sound as though they’re “coming from inside the user’s head” when passengers lean against them on journeys. The concept would use bone conduction technology, which transmits sound to the inner ear by passing vibrations through the skull. Damn, not even your morning nap is safe.

William Edwin Wright and Charlotte McManus are creative director and editor at LOGO, respectively. LOGO is a London-based collective of stylists, photographers, designers, and directors specialising in making creative fashion content for the internet and beyond.